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​"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, 
emotional, and mental states." /Carol Welch/

QiGong is the foundation of T'ai Chi Ch'uan and is a practice where the mechanics and physics of building, storing, distributing, and circulating your personal energy begins. .
T'ai Chi is the physical movement and expression associated with this energy and connects the internal, personal energy flow with the external, universal flow. Homeostasis is the result.

T''ai Chi Ch'uan and QiGong are practices designed to promote alignment, balance, health, energy efficiency, peace, calm and ease. It has very practical applications.

25+ years of practice, independent study, development, and experience are incorporated into my classes and private lessons. You will experience a time-honored system that addresses the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects plus a unique approach.
All that is required is time to learn and YOU !!!

**DVDs & CDs are available for purchase 

"Because of an on-going balance issue, my PT recommended T'ai Chi. I was fortunate to find Linda for my instructor. She is patient, kind, and compassionate, as well as an excellent teacher. T'ai Chi has helped me to maintain my balance at a level that allows me to live a normal life." /Fran/

TMJ NEWS & VIEWS ~ 'Changing Pain Using An Ancient Art'
TCAH MAGAZINE ~ "China Tour"
/Linda Vucelich/ ~ Contact me for a copy of these articles.


Distress, fatigue, or illness result when energy is blocked from its natural flow.

REIKI, a natural and noninvasive technique, equalizes and harmonizes your energy while enhancing well being and the healing process. Relaxation replaces unease. 
Hands are placed either directly on areas or held above areas on a clothed body. 

My practice combines Reiki with White Light / Psychic Healing and Abraham-Hicks techniques for a comprehensive session.
Emotional and mental balance are the result as well as a connection to the Divine and yourself.

Gentleness, strength, nonjudgement, ability to listen, resourcefulness, and quiet wisdom are gifts I give in any private session.
While I was working with clients in a Day Center for Seniors, a bridge was initiated between a traditional approach (PT department) and a nontraditional approach to wellness (Reiki). The participants received the benefits of both.

"Reiki sessions were times I cherished. My energy flowed head to toe, my 'sight' became clearer and brighter, and my concerns were addressed with understanding. 
 Thank you, Linda" /MC/

“There was severe closing in my throat and upper chest 
area as a result of chemotherapy. Linda placed her hands on those areas, created warmth, and relieved the congestion. I didn't believe until I experienced the relief." /SS/

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