"I would like to learn, or remember, 
   how to live."   /Annie Dillard/
                             ENERGY DYNAMICS - I  MAGINE
                                                                                   ...for balanced, organized, healthy, and imaginative living

                                                             Linda Vucelich, B.S., Ed.
                                                            Personal & Business Organizer, Personal Assistant
                                                                                     Owner, Instructor, Designer

                                                          C: 724.433.8168
                                                          Email: lvmv1253.1@gmail.com

Do you feel overwhelmed and 
not present?
Have you felt listless or burnt out?
Is it difficult to think? Have headaches?
Your environment could be the clue to resolving these feelings.

Energy is everywhere and in everything, including disorder. When energy is blocked, disarray plays havoc on a person's mental, physical, and emotional stability. Don't know where to begin?
My services are available to restore health, order, flow, and positive energy. Your relationships, finances, and health do improve.

Ordering Chaos 
Doing What Needs Done

Short Term Projects

Organizing Space, 
Files, Time, Displays

Quick Books

Letter Writing 
for Results

Life Structuring & Life Techniques


Travel Planning

    Voice Overs 

Travelogues/Art Projects

T'ai Chi / QiGong / Reiki


  "The office space in my gallery was a 'war zone'. Linda's expertise and skill resolved
    the chaos and turned it into an orderly environment. This might be a coincidence, but soon thereafter, more patrons and more sales happened." <SS>

"What organizational ability Linda has and you would benefit immensely as a result. 
She is very professional and comes to her appointments prepared." <RV, VR, CR, EB>

Confidentiality Guaranteed
Prices upon Request

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